Stylus Care


The stylus should always be cleaned before each side is played. 

This is most important for record life and only takes seconds.

A word of warning before you start. The suspension holding the cantilever should never be subjected to more pressure than normal tracking force.
Make sure the tone arm is not in the locked position!!


What you need:

Tight Pile Stylus Brush  


         GroOove Lube


 Make sure the arm is floating and only normal tracking force is applied.  Place a couple of drops of GroOove Lube on a Tight Pile brush. Brush the stylus from back to front a few times.

It is now clean. The GroOove lube also lubricates the styles for maximum life.

 To clean the brush, spray the stylus brush with Super Solution and clean with the Jet hose. Reapply the GroOove Lube.

 You only need to use a carbon fiber brush to remove dust settlement from the LP.