Sorane Tonearm

               Sorane TA1 Tonearms

Build quality is fanatical. The TA1 and TA1L look like you spent 10 thouand dollars. AND SOUNDS LIKE IT!


The  TA1 is a medium mass 9 inch tonearm supplied with

an azimuth adjustable headshell. With a mounting

distance of 216MM it will fit and compliment any


The TA1L is a medium mass 12.7 inch tonearm supplied

wih an azimuth adjustable headshell. Mounting distance

is 310MM. If the Sorane TA1L can be mounted on your

turntable the difference in length makes an absolute

monumental difference in the sound. 25% less tracking

distortion! Recomended for all PolyTables.


        TA1 9 inch $1495.00 - TA1L 12.7 inch $1875.00