PolyTable Turntable

The PolyTable is designed and manufactured by George Merrill in the USA.

Aimed at the music lover who wishes quality but has a budget.

The PolyTable is a TRUE high preformance Turntable.

The Looks are striking.

The PolyTable will outperform tables costing many thousands of dollars.

19 HZ resonance, away from cart/arm resonance-below recorded information.

NO fancy gimmics just excellent engineering.     

With Jelco TA-550S tonearm $1795.00 Click on the Jelco tonearm sidebar tab

Digital Motor Drive (DMD) purchased with turntable (Installed) $690.00

Digital Motor Drive Kit (DMD) for turntables sold without DMD $690.00


Designed with Energy Management Technology.

Plinth is designed to minimize energy flow.

No Metal or Glass used in the critical energy path.

Two piece platter system with Damped Drive Platter.

Precision Custom manufactured motor. 

RCC Mat bonded to the record support platter.

Oil Well Bearing.

Adjustable leveling feet with built in bubble level.

As with the most expensive tone arms the Jelco TS-550 features                                    VTF adjustment, VTA adjustment and  azimuth adjustment by                                          useing the HS-25 or HS-30 headshell.

This allows an upgrade to any cartridge.

A quality 1.5 meter Audioquest cable is provided.

Optional cartridges and tonearm cables available.

33.3 - 45 RPM operation. Available for 50 HZ operation.

Made in the USA with craftsmanship and pride.

PolyTable set up video:


  Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYkIUh1J71M

To Order Call 901-751-3337 or email gmanalog@hotmail.com


 Absolute Sound


Record Collector News May-June 2016 Issue 54


Stereophile Michael Fremer  Super review August 2016

Stereophile Class B in the recommended components.

Fantastic review in Home Theater and High Fidelity




PolyTable Digital Motor Drive (DMD)

Advanced Digital Processor Controlled

 Avalable for the standard PolyTable.

More info go to the PolyTable SUPER12 page

The master record cutting lathe moves in a stright line. Obviously the best method of recovering the groove information is to memic the lathe. A tangent tracking tonearm is expensive and extreamely fussy.

The reason older turntables (also todays less expensive) use 9 inch arms is: the overall size grows thus the cost and the turntable may not fit the average component rack.

The 12 inch radial arm is 3 inches longer than the 9 inch. This difference as shown in the diagram above (it may look like a small amount but when dealing in microns it is huge) relates to about 25% less tracking distortion. The longer the arm the shallower the arc.

One difference is the 12 inch arm's moment of inertia is slightly higher due to the extra length of the arm tube. But the arm tube is extremely light. The effective mass of the 12 inch is very close to the 9, the reason is effective mass is derived by a complicated equation that uses mass and inertia. If your turntable will accept a 12 inch arm the proformance difference will be very apparent. When you are ready to move to a 12 inch arm look at the PolyTable SUPER12 or the Merrill-Williams 101.3