PolyRing Periphery clamping ring

The PolyRing is the most advanced ring design available. It is an excellent upgrade for the PolyTable or any turntable that will acommodate it. The original and first clamping ring was used on the Merrill Heirloom turntable in 1980. The periphery ring in production is forged from bronze to lower the resonance frequency and incroporates a damping insert. 

The PolyRing used as an upgrade for the PolyTable will need a platter change to a 12.250 inch diameter. A trade in exchange is avalable for the oroginal platter and is included with the price of the ring. $590.00

The PolyRing Universal will be sypplyed with a quick aligmment tool. Be sure enough clearence is avalable for the ring body to hang down the side of the platter without hitting the drive belt or base. A .47 inch clearence is necessary. The record capture lip is .025 inch in thickness. Outside diameter is 13.125 inches. Inside diameter of the body is 12.265 inches. Weight is 35 OZ $590.00