Jelco Tonearms

The Jelco arms are at the top of my favorite list.

The reasons:

The build quality is as good as it gets period.

Their adjustability is as comprehensive and easy as you can get (VTF, VTA/SRA, Azimuth and Anti skating). Many tonearms will not allow azimuth adjustment. This is most important for proper setup. The Jelco SA-250 and SA-750 allow this via the adjustable head shell. A note Jelco head shells can be used with other SME bayonet mount tonearms. Some tonearms use shims that are very awkward and time consuming to adjust the VTA (tonearm height). The Jelco uses a locking collar.

If the Tri-Planar is out of your price range take a look at the Jelco. The SA-250 is in stock. All Bronze SA-750 are in stock.

SA-250 13.39 grams $402.00

SA-750D 13.48 grams $512.00

SA-750E 13.26 grams $590.00

SA-750L 10.96 grams $608.00

The tonearms do not include Cartridge or tonearm interconnect cable.Supplied with a headshell (12 grams).

HS-30 Rosewood/Magnesium headshell with Azimuth adjustment and silver litz wire is a great addition.

17 grams    $99.00