Gato Amplifier

            Gato Perfect Symmetrical Amplification

                            AMP-150 PWR-222

A typical MOS-FET push-pull power output stage consists of

both positive and negative polarized transistors. Because

it is impossible to make two identically behaving transistors

with opposite polarization, small differences in the electri-

cal characteristics must be accepted. This compromise of 

imperfection will create an asymmectrical amplification 

with a different signature in the positive and in the nega-

tive signal response often resulting in audible distortion

and listening fatigue.                              


The multiple transistor circuits may offer great power 

handling but returns an asymmetrical and smearing of the 

time domain. In this "choir" of transistors all of them are

"singing" with a slightly different voice than its brothers and

sisters. Smearing the micro transients and disrupting the 

time domain.

              To solve the problem of the "bad choir":

                       The Gato Audio TwinFET


The simplicity of the TwinFET technology offers perfect

time domain symmetry with a clean and clear over-

whelming sonic performance instantly noticed.

The Gato Audio TwinFET amplifier  is named from the

design using two perfectly identical FET transistors that

ensure perfect sonic timing, almost unlimited power and 

and a perfect symmetrical high voltage swing. The TwinFET

technology is sonically far superior to designs typically only

focused on delivering voltage and current - not a perfect

symmetrical time domain.

Vacuum tube amplifiers use identical tubes in the output.

Some tube amps are designed with a single tube for

positive swing and a single tube for negative swing. These

amps have some similarities to the TwinFET except for

limited power.

To supply more power output tubes are paralleled. This

again creates a problem because of the difference between

the tubes in the choir. Tubes have a finite life and start to

deteriorate from the beginning. The problem is the

deterioration curve is not the same on each output tube.


             The Gato AMP-150 = 150WPC $4695.00

In my opinion the AMP-150 is the best integrated made at

any price...Anyone who listens or owns one agrees. The

integrated AMP-150's separate preamplifier is built from

super low-noise, high-bandwidth parts. Special signal relays

are located close to the input connectors for a short signal

path rendering remarkably low levels of noise and


The separate amplifier section feaures a JFET input stage,

a separate power supply for the critical driver circuit and a

single set (two per channel TWIN FET) of unique high-power

MOSFET output devices (capable of 150 amps). The sound

of the ultimate tube amps without the fuss. 

Heat, current and DC offset are under constant

surveillance by a microprocessor, protection circuit.


     The Gato PWR-222 Mono Power Amplifier $9995.00

If you need more power (output 250 Watts each --- FET's

capable of 500 Amps) or the absolute in sonic performance,

look no further. It does not get any better than this no

matter what the price or claim is!


The AMP-150 and the PWR-222 are ready for a demonstration.

You need to be ready, This will change everything you thought in the past.