Thank You for your purchase. If like your product please email me.

I do very much apreciate your feedback. Good Listening!

Name: Mike Pinsky

My ES-R1 is set up with a Jelco 750 arm and Audio Technica AT7V MM cartridge

(good resonance match to the arm), thru an Audio Sensibility Impact phono cable

to a Bottlehead Seduction phono pre and a Bottlehead Stereomour 2A3 DHT SET amp.

Speakers are Blumenstein Orcas, assisted by a REL T2 sub. Listening to an ECM disc,

Keith Jarret\'s \'Changes\', Jack Dejohnette\'s drum kit had all the snap, drive and tone

of the real thing. I spent many an evening sitting 4 feet away from Levon Helm\'s drum

kit on the radiator at the Barn, and this is the real deal. You can hear and feel the

twang and wood of Gary Peacock\'s bass. No shortage of bass and bass tone here, and

there\'s attack aplenty from the bottom on up. This thing swings. Fine psychoacoustics,

too.The imaging is precise and soundstage wide and deep. Thank you, George. You did it

Name: AudiogoN

THE killer mat, very solid sound with great detail and less surface noise.

Smoked my Herbies and Music Hall mats which are quite decent themselves.

Mr. Merill strikes again.

Good evening, George, from out here in western Wyoming.  To refresh your memory,

I have purchased (to date) one hydraulic cleaning apparatus (with the two solutions),

 one RCC turntable mat, one polyweight turntable weight, and four durometer

decoupling feet.  The combination of all these items has measurably improved the

 sonics coming off of and out of my LP's from my turntable.  I couldn't be happier

with these results.  Having hundreds of lp's, I suspect there will be several super

solution and LP elixir orders in the future.

Again, thank you, for your good products.
Tom Peters

Name: James Jackson

Hi George, You are the best! I love my Quad pre-amp, my Jolida Glass DAC and

the turntable mat and record cleaners. All work superbly! Best wishes on all

your innovations! James (Jed) Jackson

Name: DavidZ

I can highly recommend George Merrill\'s hydraulic cleaning apparatus to

anyone who is interested in extracting the most music from their vinyl collection.

I\'ve been using it for a couple of years and couldn\'t listen to vinyl without it.

It is a simple, effective design (the kind that always look easy in hindsight)

that really gets the job done. Thanks George! -- David

Name: Derwin Serrano

Excellent mat and a bargain at this price. High quality, durable mat that has improved

the overall sound performance of my turntable notably on rythm and bass.

Would recommend this product.

Dear George,

It  was great chatting with you yesterday and I'm pleased to
hear you're in good health as well as still in the audio business.

As i
mentioned, my Heirloom is still working as well today as the

day I received it
over 25 years ago. As an aside, a friend who was
running a hi-end audio shop
(dealing mostly with Lynn) got a bit upset when I told him

my turntable appeared
to be much more musical in every way than the Lynn brand he

was selling and
brought over a couple of his favorite LPs to check it out.

He had several
excuses for why your table sounded so much better but never

commented on how
much better the Heirloom with the Stax arm and Garrott P77

sounded than LP 12 and
associated arm and cartridge were lacking.

Today my system consists of
the Heirloom and Stax arm and just for a change I replaced the

Dynavector 20X
with a BINZ15 MC. It needs breaking in but I was told it had a

sound similar to
the P77 and at least, to my old ears, it's a nice change...very

open and dynamic
and while I had a wide sound stage until I changed it out, it's

even wider

Included a pic of a goofy guy you've been
dealing with all these a retired engineer with a cat


Best regards,


Thanks for getting me the polyplatter inner and outer set.  It made
a big difference, along with subchassis.  The bearing is much smoother, the
background is darker, and the dynamics have increased dramatically.  Everything
is more solid in the sound.  I am really not sure how good the Ortofon Cadenza
Bronze is now or my Balanced Audio Technology components are! Everything stepped
up a level.  I am sure a Tri-planar arm and your R.E.A.L table would be scary


Jim Stenstrom

As i
mentioned, my Heirloom is still working as well today as the day I received it
over 25 years ago. As an aside, a friend who was
running a hi-end audio shop
(dealing mostly with Lynn) got a bit upset when I told him my turntable appeared
to be much more musical in every way than the Lynn brand he was selling and
brought over a couple of his favorite LPs to check it out. He had several
excuses for why your table sounded so much better but never commented on how
much better the Heirloom with the Stax arm and Garrott P77 sounded than LP-7 and
associated arm and cartridge were lacking. :-)


Hey George,

So, I did a little listening over the weekend...not as much as I wanted too, but there is no need.  The few LP's I got to spin were exactly what I've been wanting to hear for so long, just the music on the record!  I'm starting to think a lot of the coloration or brightness/darkness I've heard over the years wasn't so much the cartridge as it was the turntable/tonearm combo...
That arm is great and paired with the Orto 2M Blue, the whole system is so synergistically well matched that finally, I can just listen to music and not worry about all the little things that have been an issue in the past.  The platter has no run out or platter wobble and that is a HUGE deal for me...
This is the machine I've been seeking for a long time...too bad I didn't find out 15 years earlier!
Pic's attached.
LP in the pics is the Mo-Fi pressing of Linda Ronstadt SIMPLE DREAMS
Joe D.

Hey George,

So, I de-mounted the Ortofon and mounted the Audio-Technica AT95Sa Cartridge.  With the Ortofo, I was suffering from rolled-off High's and a rather, at times, edgy presentation.  Sounded almost like there was something resisting or trying to restrain the output.
I just happen to have a custom ARC Protractor here that I had made for a Jelco SA-750D some time back...Interesting geometry that Jeco chose for this arm.  There specs with the overhang of 15mm results in an inner null point almost off the playing surface and just inside the Stevenson null point.  However the outer null point is very interesting.  It's between Stevenson and Berwald.  Again, odd.
With the Orto, I figured the loss of HF was in part a Geometric alignment issue (I've experienced this before in the past...long story), so I re-aligned the cart to Jelco's specs.  This had a very minor effect in that HF was slightly improved, but the HOT, sometimes edgy or what I would call strained cherictor was still present.  This, I 100% atribute to my Integra Phono stage.  I believe the Orto is just to HOT and is, I believe (but could be wrong), over driving my modest little phono stage...Time to swap out the 2M Blue for the AT95Sa
The AT95 has been around since Moby Dick was a guppy and I know from experience, it has a more traditional Hi-Fi sound...the Sa version is equipped with a Shibata stylus so VTA and Azimuth are now CRITICAL.  I set my VTA and Azimuth and then made my overhang/geometric alignment using the Jelco Arc.  Night and day difference, the AT95Sa sounds Amazing on this arm/table combo.  The AT95Sa seems to be a better match to my humble Integra phono stage and I will say that the increased resolution and improved inner groove tracing, thanks to the Shibata stylus, are a welcome addition.
With the Orto paired to my phono stage, it was fine with Acoustic and easy listening music, but when it came to harder Jazz, Rock, and other aggressive types of music, it sounded as though it was being restrained or held back.  With the AT, everything now flows as it should with out any restriction or edginess.
All-in-all, the PolyTable is still the BEST if not THE very BEST table I've listened to in the last decade.  It just sounds good and every time I turn on the power, it does what it's supposed to surprises, no issues...just plays records...
Joe, Thank you for your excellent feedback. You were suffering from "phono stage synergy". Probably signal clipping. The 2M revues have been excellent from both the press and my clients. As you up grade the phono stage the headroom will increase and the 2M will show is quality's. GOOD LISTENING! Thank You George

The Groove Lube is great .   More than subtle improvement  - especially things like background vocals (I can now pick out the different voices instead of sounding as one) .   Also when the levels of the instruments and vocals are increasing to a crescendo the different voices and instruments stay separated instead smashing to together. The before and after ---  is instructive.




Mike Madey


 This combination of Real 101.2 and Triplanar tone arm is an absolutely exciting listening experience. The sound is virtually neutral yet there a refined detail with a punch that makes listening relaxing, exciting and enjoyable. I really like the simplicity and small footprint of this deck. It exudes engineering prowess. This is my second mass driven solid deck table and it is a much better sound than the “clinical / dry” experience of others I have tried. This setup also avoids the heavy coloration of sound that many decks offer. I am very pleased with this table’s looks, ease of setup, and sound. I am proud that this American made combination can stand toe to toe with many other more expensive rigs. Well done!


Mike Madey





I just want to tell you this is the very best analog playback I've ever heard.  The 101.2 outperforms the $16,000 Basis turntable that it's currently sitting next to.  And that's with the Shick, I can only imagine it with a Phantom or Triplanar.

Thanks so much for your great work and Happy Holidays!

Joe Nicolosi


I received the Gem Dandy record cleaner yesterday. I had some free time this afternoon, so I opened the box, set it up in the kitchen, grabbed a bunch of towels and a box of albums I've been waiting to clean, and went to work. 
3 hours later, and I am smiling like a kid at Christmas. I am currently listening to an old album by Seals and Crofts. Not only does it sound fantastic, but I keep turning my head, going "what was that?" I am hearing things I don't remember hearing before. I keep digging out old albums to clean and listen to. I can't clean them fast enough. (actually I could clean them faster, but I can't listen to them any faster!)
Many of the albums I have been cleaning are old - maybe not gramophone old, but many are 30-40 years old - Simon and Garfunkel, Seals and Crofts, The Doobie Brothers. Like many audio nuts I've kept good care of my gear, but keeping vinyl LPs clean is always challenge. 
Your product is definitely a god send. 
Thank you. Eric

Name: Steven Brown
My move from Kentucky to Texas has gone well George
and I wanted to take a
few moments to share my experience with you and some
other analog fans.
As an original owner of a VPI HW 19 that has seen a
great deal of
was time for an upgrade in many respects.  Gone is my
original tonearm, the
Sumiko FT-3 Tonearm and Dynavector  cartridge.  Next came
a few simple
modifications.  I installed a set of your 60 Durometer Feet in
place of the
originals and replaced my original bearing oil with your
proprietary bearing
oil.  Fortunately, I had a new tonearm arm board and
shipped my VPI to
G.M.A.E.  The new Ortofon TA-110 Tonearm and Cadenza Blue MC
cartridge along
with RCC Record Mat are simply synergy!
It took some
time to get everything settled in my new digs in Texas but what
an amazing
transformation!  The Plateau 2 shelf turntable stand is very
solid & stable and
a perfect place for my Sutherland Ph3D. My first vinyl
experience was the
Sheffield Lab 23, "James Newton Howard & Friends."
Simply superb.  

any readers who may be unfamiliar or uncertain about Mr. Merrill, I can
you that he is not only an accomplished engineer (as exemplified by
his own
turntable designs) but an absolute authority in all things analog
and high
fidelity. From what may seem to be a small investment in some of
his custom
parts to augment your current system or to purchase a completely
new analog
system, George Merrill should be your first phone call.  It is
always a
pleasure to explore options with him.  His advice is spot on.
Thank you

Custom plinth by Larry Spence

GEM Chassis, platter, inner & outer, and


SME M2-9 arm

Ortofon cadenza red cartridge.

Assembled by Dave @ Vinyl Nirvana


It's everything I hoped for, and more!



Hi George,

Just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely enjoying the Poly Table still!  I did determine that the Jelco arm is really better suited to a Moving Coil and after trying several MM carts, I ended up going with a Dynavector DV-10x5.  WOW, this table/arm has really come alive.  With the MM carts on the SA-250, I found they all suffered from HF roll off...really bad.  Some were better then others, but it just didn't sound right.  Switching to the MC was a night and day difference.
Again, thanks for this great table.  So many people don't realize what they're missing out on.  I'm reborn!
Joe Aschwanden


 I thought I'd pass this on to you in case you ever get a question likethis.

 I did buy a Poly Pulley from Dave A. The one thing that a purchaser of that has to realize is that it sits up higher than the original pulley does--at least higher than the one I had did. It could be that the original had worn and the spindle pushed in further. I didn't realize that for a while, and I thought there was something really wrong--long story. Anyway, obviously, the table had to be realigned because of that. Once set up, though the new pulley is a major improvement.

 I have to say that between the pulley, the new motor, and a new belt,I'm amazed at how much better this table sounds--and it sounded really good to begin with. I used to think bass was a weakness, but that's not so at all! Ofcourse, it helped to get rid of that infernal Souther. I continue to beimpressed with the Ortofon 110A and the Cadenza Bronze. I can only wonder what your new stuff sounds like, but at 71, I think I can live with what I have.

 I guess the only other improvement I might try some time is the power supply. I already have the new mat, center clamp, and the white springs. I have no idea what other upgrades you have. I think mine is an Heirloom I (1985).

 Anyway, this has turned out to be one heck of a front end. Thanks for making it.


Hey George,

Just thought I'd send you a couple of pics of the PolyTable/Jelco SA-250 in action with the Dynavector DV-10x5.  It's playing the Analog Productions 45rpm pressing of Hugh Mesekela's album, HOPE.  Sounds incredible!!!  
On a side note, what would the advantage of using the Polyweight be for me at this point?
Very happy Poly Table owner!

PS I couldn’t wait!

So I went in my back garden where there is (almost) a compatible faucet. I soaked myself in the process but the two records I’ve cleaned and treated are a 1950s LP of Bach Brandenburg Concertos and a 1963 recording of Bill Evans.

Both were extremely dirty and ill-treated but the results are astonishing! I  know I can’t get rid of all the clicks caused by actual scratches but the sound is pretty revelatory – especially on the (mono) Bach!!

I’m going to have fun with this machine.

Many thanks.


Hi George! I hope all is well with you. It's been a crazy year or so, but I'd finally like to submit a review:

Take care, John

"I've had the Merrill Replica turntable for a bit over a year, and it has performed perfectly. Mechanically it is dead quiet, and it is as beautiful sonically as it is aesthetically. The mahogany sets it apart from everything else in the room and it looks and sounds like the true centerpiece of the system. It is fitted with the Jelco SA750D tonearm and an Ortofon Kontrapunkt b cartridge. The sound is absolutely exquisite, and those silent passages on albums are just that, silent. But perhaps the aspect of buying and using this table that has been the most fun has been speaking with and learning from Mr. Merrill. George is a true gentleman and an expert in his field who obviously loves what he does and graciously shares his knowledge and love of the art with others. I can't put into words what a pleasure it has been to work with him."

Hi George

I got the hole drilled on the outer platter today and installed the new inner platter.

Man, what a difference, like buying a whole new turntable!

I just wanted to thank you for your service and the improvement in sound.

Thanks again.


Jonathan Stutt

Hi George,

PolyTable arrived fine.
Sounds wonderful.
With Hana, Vincent, PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP (KT150 & Mullard CV4003) and Revel F206
Is a marriage made in heaven I think.
Really love the vinyl sound.
Seems like you feel the music on a deeper level.

Really appreciate it.



Good morning!  Well, I got the subplatter, platter, headshell, new cartridge, and new belt installed (I could not remove the pully to change out the motor, so any ideas you could give me on that would be much appreciated) and this is what I wrote last night to a friend:

Wow… Just wow. I completed the modifications to my AR turntable, and it sounds so good. The new sub platter, new platter, new belt, new headshell, and new cartridge. The sound is so much more relaxed, soundstage depth increased a lot, the bass response increased but also tightened up, and a little more detail as well. The added detail isn't like I'm hearing new stuff, but I'm hearing the stuff that's there a little clearer. That old "removal of a veil" that is so overused in our industry, but in in this case it's true. Imaging is very stable.  The only adjustment left for me to make is to fine-tune the VTA, as I’ve got the alignment and overhang nailed. So it could get a little better still.  Am also not sure if the cartridge needs some break-in as well.  Time will tell.

So there you have it.  I had to use the really heavy duty springs I bought from you about 20 years ago (yep, it’s been that long - probably early 1990’s) since the new platters and my record clamp (made by a friend.  It weighs about 16 oz) weigh so much more.  With the clamp on the dust cover now does not fit, so I’ll need to look for another dust cover that is a bit taller.  I also put three layers of heat shrink tubing on the tonearm to help kill vibrations as well.  That makes it look like a very fat MMT tonearm!  :+)

So thanks again for your products, they are awesome, and next time I’m in Nashville I’ll look you up, and dinner and drinks will be on me!


Hi GeorgeThanks for all your help with the arm board.  It really looks great, and very glad I had you do your magic instead of me trying too.
The table really sounds wonderful.   How much do I owe you for your work and shipping?
One question regarding maintenance:  what type of of bearing oil do use and recommend.  And how often or time do you replace the bearing  oil?
Thanks again George.  You created a masterpiece and a great sounding table.
Merry a Christmas


Just a quick note to let you know how thrilled I am with your co-polymer sub chassis for my AR Turntable! I was expecting a quieter sound floor, and it certainly delivered that. However the big surprise was in sonic quality improvement. I found the difference as great as changing from the stock arm to the Jelco 750D -- the bass is deeper and more defined, the soundstage is wider and deeper, and the mids and highs are detailed and precise. I'm now truly looking forward to receiving a new Hana SH cartridge!, thanks for all your help.




Dear Mr. Merrill,

For the Feedback section of your website:

 Today, July 6, 2017, I just completed washing and applying GroOove Lube to

the last of 941 LP's.

That is 1,882 album sides washed and dried and 1,882 album sides to which

the GroOove Lube was applied.

These albums, many dating from the 1960's, were stored in their original

paper sleeves, (some had original plastic sleeves) for more than 35 years.

The LP's, belonging to my wife, had not been played for 20 years.

After we moved from Los Angeles to Madison, Wisconsin, conditions and

finances allowed us to acquire a new stereo system.

I read reviews online and looked at YouTube video reviews of almost all the

available record cleaning systems.

The arguments for sonic cleaning machines were compelling but the price tag

was not in our budget.

I read reviewers who wrote, I am familiar with the sound of cleaned LP's but

these took cleaning to another level.

I recognize everything is a matter of degree and that some cleaning systems

most certainly can achieve greater cleaning than others. At the same time I

was reminded of a Jerry Seinfeld joke when he riffed on a laundry

detergent's claim that it will make clothes "whiter than white."

Having read all the reviews on George Merrill's web site:, I decided to

commit to the system.

 Although the albums were stored vertically it was evident that residue from

the paper sleeves and the plastic sleeves had indeed deposited onto the


The only tweaks I made to the method of cleaning was after spraying the

Super Solution onto the LP I did not leave the LP in the vertical position

but set the device on its' side; the solution adhered to the vinyl and did

not fall off from the underside. I also transferred the solution to a spray

bottle with a trigger which made application go faster.

After soaking for one minute the solution was hosed off with high power

water spray and then dried with micro clothes.

I did not apply the GroOove Lube while a record was spinning. I set the

washed and dried LP down on a Mobile Fidelity sleeve, applied the GroOove

Lube, then buffed it out with a micro cloth and repeated on the other side.

My wife always tries to get me to use hand lotion because my skin is dry.

After applying the GroOove Lube the vinyl soaks it up like dry skin. The

label says "The LP Elixir of Life."

Buffing the LP after the GroOove Lube had been applied, I noticed what

appeared to be the equivalent of a clear coat on a new car or clear coat on

nails. This does not mean to imply in any way that the GroOove Lube is

applying a coating, only that the appearance of the LP is so brought back to

life that it appears brand new. Elixir of Life may sound like marketing hype

but I assure you it is not. It should be called Re-Animator because it

brings the LP back to life.

Mr. Merrill responded to all email inquiries immediately such as should

cleaning be used on new records and is the Super Solution safe for CD's; yes

to both.

I have attached pictures of the process; they include a picture of the

set-up, a picture of the LP after being sprayed with solution, after being

dried, pre- GroOove Lube and a close up after the GroOove Lube has been

buffed out.

 As they say, a picture is worth .

The price for the entire system is almost a bargain, even with additional

ordering of Super Solution and GroOove Lube. I applied both liberally and

they cleaned more LP's  than Mr. Merrill conservatively estimated they


A thoroughly cleaned piece of vinyl that is more than 40 years old on a

turntable (ours is the Pro-Ject RPM 10 Carbon with Sumiko HO Blackbird) has

more surprise and delight than we could ever have imagined.

Thank you Mr. Merrill for a quality product at an affordable price.


Christopher Frank & Jamie


I have been preparing to wash my vinyl. I have been stopped by the issue

 of drying more than one disk at a time. This is one of two methods

 I find to be very convenient.

 The storage crate is from Home Depot. I ordered 18" finger splints from Amazon.

Sparingly applying silicone glue to points on the crate finishes the project!

 The records are held like two fingers touching the record's edge.

 I hope you will consider trying it, publish it, or sell it to your customers. James




Really sounds fine with Benz Ace L cart.  Love the arm, your arm board dead quiet.

 Easy install, video helped.  DB systems protractor setup cart. 

All very good thanks much.  Spun some Joe Pass last night, Sweet.


Christopher AR Turntable

Hi George,

Received the Gem Dandy Polytable  Super12 Turntable in great shape, wonderfully packed.

Instructions and Setup were a breeze. I'm 62 yo and have had my share of
Turntable setups/installations like over 12. None over $1500.

I must say initially that the sound I'm hearing is incredible for this price point.
I have auditioned many analog rigs twice if not four times/10 the price of this rig. 

Glad I picked your creation/design.

A big smile is on my face.  I'm hearing things on my system that I never imagined

would be possible.  

Just a few random thoughts and observations.

LP 33 1/3 Examples :
Hank Mobley - Workout - voices and sounds coming out the musicians I've never heard before. Wide soundstage and dynamic range.

Iron Butterfly - Ball - Bass from Lee Dorman's Bass, Ron Bushy's voice placement was just right on and various guitar fuss, drum set made me feel I was right in there.

Mason Williams - Phonograph Record - Everything was more expansive and

separation was at a maximum. Classical Gas... well the best sound performance

I've ever experienced.  

Golden Earing - Moontan A real gem of an album came over like the musicians were

live and right there.  Punch. Just like the Portland State University live concert of 1985.

(without the crowd)

I know it's early on.... but your table is impressing the hell out of me.
Tears of Joy.

Can it get any better?



George i just wanted to thank you for all of your help and assistance over the

last few months updating my system. It is rare to be able to buy a wonderful

state of the art system and three decades later have the same person who

 built it for you still be there to update and continue to help. Today my

heirloom is as state of the art as it was when i first bought it from you.

 The new power supply and other small adjustments have really made

a difference thank you so much and I wish you well. Your contribution

 to sound is truly not a small step but a huge one. Thank you Bob Levy

All the final adjustments are done and the Merrill table is one of the highest quality

 best tables you can buy at any price.                  

Thank you George for a restoration of our favorite table of all time.                                    

Really outstanding quality thanks George.     

Thirty years after purchase it still smokes the known universe….father bob and crew

Good Afternoon George

I am writing you this afternoon to thank you for yet another exceptional product!I ordered my Hydraulic Cleaning Apparatus several months ago and have now gone through many cleaning sessions with great results. These days, ordering LPs from the internet is all too easy. While this is a convenient way to make a purchase, the records acquired online are often in poor condition upon arrival. No matter, with the Hydraulic Cleaning Apparatus I have brought these shining vinyl beauties back to their sonic greatness!

An unexpected bonus is that using the Hydraulic Cleaning Apparatus is a lot of fun, and has become a family affair. As you can see from the attached image, my son enjoys helping out when a new stack of used vinyl comes in and needs a deep cleaning!

Thank you again

Andrew Ward

You might find it interesting to hear I recently had an opportunity to compare my modified AR to a Clearaudio Master Solution ($10k) turntable with my audio system and the expensive table had NOTHING on mine! It wasn’t quieter, it didn’t have more top end sparkle or bottom punch, and it didn’t give you a larger soundstage. It had a $2k+ Benz Micro Ruby 2 cart, and mine the $750 Hana SL. If anything, I’d say the AR had more LIFE to its sound.

Thanks for all your contributions to those efforts ?


I have owned a PolyTable SUPER12 for several months and thought I'd set down a few of my experiences with it.

The PolyTable SUPER12 arrives well-packaged in one big box. Upon removing the turntable's parts from the box I was impressed by their high quality and superior fit and finish. It was easy and quick to set up due to the excellent instructions.

The Jelco 12-inch tonearm is easy to set up, with adjustments for everything. George Merrill's YouTube setup video was very helpful since the 'arm comes with no setup instructions or templates - I had to get an alignment template online. I'm using Hana SL and Dynavector 10X5 cartridges. The tonearm is an excellent match for these cartridges and seems to be non-fussy about cartridges appropriate to its mass.

The turntable is absolutely silent with no vibrations, both when idling and in operation, a product of the Fluid Damped Drive Motor System. The speed is very stable and on-pitch due to the Digital Motor Drive.

The best description of the turntable's sound is that it has none: It is completely neutral. There are no colorations introduced by the 'table. The bass is strong and well-controlled, without the muddy, indistinct sound of some turntables. The midrange is very satisfying, with voices and instruments surprisingly clear and natural-sounding. And the highs are pure: not beaming, or glaring or grainy.

The turntable has a wide, deep and high soundstage. And its pace and dynamics are as good as I've ever heard from any turntable, no matter the price.

The PolyTable SUPER12 is individually crafted for the buyer and is signed by its designer and builder, George Merrill.

My experience with this turntable has been extremely positive. It has been a joy playing through my record collection, appreciating all the more my favorites, and finding new favorites among those I thought were not so great.

If you are looking for a turntable that is several steps up from a basic model, do yourself a favor and take a look at the PolyTable SUPER12. At $2995 it's a steal and equal to turntables costing thousands more.

--Mike Nichols

John Hillig Musical Concepts

I got around to installing the DMD and motor. Wow, what an improvement.

Stunning really! Thank you George!


Hi George.

I've had the DMD and Motor in for over 1 week.

It's superb. Increased clarity and resolution. 
Blacker backgrounds. Quieter. I pretty much 
expected this. The added bonus was PRAT!
Pace Rhythm and Timing.  It's closer to a 
garrard rim drive in terms of that attribute. 
So rhythm sections possess a clarity and 
DRIVE not heard before. 

Fantastic, Thankyou very much. 

I think I can call my turntable a Merrill now :) 

Paul Seymour.
Melbourne Australia. 

What speedy delivery!  Thanks, George. 

Just to let you know, I sure didn't expect all that much from any

mat but I was pleasantly surprised with your GEM Dandy! I never

believed that any mat could ever really open up depth in a

recording but I can see how that all works now. Once even the

slightest bit of rumble comes close to being totally eliminated,

small spatial cues can shine through in a well-recorded disc.

It was a wow moment! I'm sure glad I waited for your order to arrive! Thanks, again!


Greeting George,

Just a quick note to tell you that after running the table now for many moons I have concluded that it is the best $1, 900 I've spent on an audio component with the exception of my Audio Research Sp11mk 2 preamplifier. As a 20 + year audiophile, these are the two pieces that compliment my all time favorite Vandersteen Audio 5A loudspeakers. 

Thank you for bringing it to Market!!