AR Modification Parts

The upgrade parts are manufactured to replace the original and provide an improvement in performance.


PolyPlatter System

Replacement Motor

AR Drive Belt $18.00 Click to Buy

AR Blank 1/2 inch thick Poly Tonearm Platform $68.00

Supplied with stainless screws.(will not fit AR XA or XB)

Ready to paint.


After the purchase email the specifacitions to drill for mounting a tonearm the platform will accomadate. Must send collar or tonearm. Drill cost $78.00-$125.00

AR Replacement Subchassis

(Super Sub PolyChassis)


Polymer replacement for the ES-1 EB-101 subchassis and other round mounting board end AR subchassis. 

The subchassis is manufactured using energy absorbing polymer material. Dispensing with the high energy conductive metal subchassis and replacing it with the polychassis will make a significant sonic improvement.

This is a drop in replacement .                        Weight 31.7 oz. Stock chassis 24 oz 

Supplied with a interchangeable blank arm mounting platform.

$275.00 Click to Buy 

After the purchase email the specifacitions to drill for mounting a tonearm the platform will accomadate. Must send collar of tonearm.   $78.00Click to Buy



AR PolyPlatter Replacement inner and outer platter.

The outer platter is .70 inches thick 4 lb 8 oz. 

The inner platter is manufactured useing polyoxymethlene weight is 1lb 14 oz. 

Supplied with Bonded GEM Dandy RCC Mat.

Any metal in the energy path is BAD.

The PolyPlatter System replaces the metal inner and outer platter for a major sound improvement.

Inner and Outter Platter $449.00 Click to Buy


AR Upgrade Replacement Motor

Low Voltage Motor with Stainless Steel Shaft

This is a custom manufactured motor, the same motor used in the Merrill Turntable. $225.00 Click to Buy

Shaft size .124 Bearing flange 3/8

The master record cutting lathe moves in a stright line. Obviously the best method of recovering the groove information is to memic the lathe. A tangent tracking tonearm is expensive and extreamely fussy.

The reason older turntables (also todays less expensive) use 9 inch arms is: the overall size grows thus the cost and the turntable may not fit the average component rack.

The 12 inch radial arm is 3 inches longer than the 9 inch. This difference as shown in the diagram above (it may look like a small amount but when dealing in microns it is huge) relates to about 25% less tracking distortion. The longer the arm the shallower the arc.

One difference is the 12 inch arm's moment of inertia is slightly higher due to the extra length of the arm tube. But the arm tube is extremely light. The effective mass of the 12 inch is very close to the 9, the reason is effective mass is derived by a complicated equation that uses mass and inertia. If your turntable will accept a 12 inch arm the proformance difference will be very apparent. When you are ready to move to a 12 inch arm look at the PolyTable SUPER12 or the Merrill-Williams 101.3