PolyTable SUPER12

Hi my name is George Merrill I have designed and produced turntables since 1979. I enjoy seeing the smiles on peoples face when they are swept away in a musical presentation. The concerns and feedback from many would be audiophiles is the cost of excellent equipment. My goal has always been to provide the best possible performance at a price that is affordable. Over the years my Energy Management designs have been the cutting edge. Some of the innovations include: Fluid Damped Motor, Oilwell bearing, Constant Resonant Tuning System, Periphery clamping ring and Spectrum analyst resonant tuning. If you are looking for a music reproduction system that will send the goose bump factor through the roof, you must start with the heart of the system, the turntable.

Introducing the PolyTable SUPER 12 the newest in the PolyTable line up.

The PolyTable has been afforded many excellent reviews, both from professionals and buyers. A stunning review and class B recognition (PolyTable with SA-750D tonearm) from Michael Fremer (August 2016) and a super review along with product of the year from Absolute Sound.

The SUPER 12 added features:

12” Jelco Tonearm                                                                                                            Easy; Azimuth- Zenith- VTA- SRA- VTF- Antiskate Adjustment

Digital Motor Drive (speed accuracy 3 parts per million) with onboard strobe wand. Total regeneration of motor power allows absolute power line isolation. Also allows for world wide use (60 or 50 HZ)

Fluid Damped Drive Motor System. As used in the original Heirloom (1980) and Merrill-Williams 101.2. This is only one of many features that allows the PolyTable to compete and outperform turntables costing tens of thousands.

.700 Record Support Platter.  

Hand built one at a time for the music lover.  $2995.00 with TS-550L WO cartridge.

Short Video1 https://youtu.be/DfSv9PXO3b0


                               A owners review of the PolyTable SUPER12

I have owned a PolyTable SUPER12 for several months and thought I'd set down a few of my experiences with it.

The PolyTable SUPER12 arrives well-packaged in one big box. Upon removing the turntable's parts from the box I was impressed by their high quality and superior fit and finish. It was easy and quick to set up due to the excellent instructions.

The Jelco 12-inch tonearm is easy to set up, with adjustments for everything. George Merrill's YouTube setup video was very helpful since the 'arm comes with no setup instructions or templates - I had to get an alignment template online. I'm using Hana SL and Dynavector 10X5 cartridges. The tonearm is an excellent match for these cartridges and seems to be non-fussy about cartridges appropriate to its mass.

The turntable is absolutely silent with no vibrations, both when idling and in operation, a product of the Fluid Damped Drive Motor System. The speed is very stable and on-pitch due to the Digital Motor Drive.

The best description of the turntable's sound is that it has none: It is completely neutral. There are no colorations introduced by the 'table. The bass is strong and well-controlled, without the muddy, indistinct sound of some turntables. The midrange is very satisfying, with voices and instruments surprisingly clear and natural-sounding. And the highs are pure: not beaming, or glaring or grainy.

The turntable has a wide, deep and high soundstage. And its pace and dynamics are as good as I've ever heard from any turntable, no matter the price.

The PolyTable SUPER12 is individually crafted for the buyer and is signed by its designer and builder, George Merrill.

My experience with this turntable has been extremely positive. It has been a joy playing through my record collection, appreciating all the more my favorites, and finding new favorites among those I thought were not so great.

If you are looking for a turntable that is several steps up from a basic model, do yourself a favor and take a look at the PolyTable SUPER12. At $2995 it's a steal and equal to turntables costing thousands more.

--Mike Nichol

Hi George,

Received the Gem Dandy Polytable  Super12 Turntable in great shape,

 wonderfully packed.

Instructions and Setup were a breeze. I'm 62 yo and have had my share of

Turntable setups/installations like over 12. None over $1500.

I must say initially that the sound I'm hearing is incredible for this price point.

I have auditioned many analog rigs twice if not four times/10 the price of this rig.

 Glad I picked your creation/design.

A big smile is on my face.  I'm hearing things on my system that

I never imagined would be possible. 

Just a few random thoughts and observations.

LP 33 1/3 Examples :

Hank Mobley - Workout - voices and sounds coming out the musicians

I've never heard before. Wide soundstage and dynamic range.

Iron Butterfly - Ball - Bass from Lee Dorman's Bass, Ron Bushy's voice placement

 was just right on and various guitar fuss, drum set made me feel I was right in there.

Mason Williams - Phonograph Record - Everything was more expansive and separation

was at a maximum. Classical Gas...

well the best sound performance I've ever experienced. 

Golden Earing - Moontan A real gem of an album came over like the musicians were

 live and right there.  Punch. Just like the Portland State University live concert of 1985.

 (without the crowd)

I know it's early on.... but your table is impressing the hell out of me.

Tears of Joy.

Can it get any better?